Flapper hats for women

The fashion of this year shows that you should not underestimate the possibility of such an important detail as the hat.

New trend – flapper hats for women

It was this trend that proved to be most in demand at the fashion shows of the end of spring. At the demonstrations of fashion houses Lacoste and Chanel, it was possible to observe new trends. They consist in the fact that the flapper hats for women is simply sewn from the same material as the clothes. For example, a linen dress is combined with a panama of the same color and the same fabric. This move adds elegance to the image of any lady, regardless of the style of the costume.

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flapper hats for women

This year, designers remembered about the trends that a few years ago went into the background. Among them were flapper hats for women, scarves of all kinds of colors and hats-pies. The latter were demonstrated in the collections of Chanel and Mother of Pearl and will surely become favorites this summer. Wide-brimmed hats stylists advised to wear slightly pulled over their eyes, as it was presented in the Giorgio Armani show.

Classic style for flapper hats for women

This summer Tommy Hilfiger and Gucci have identified the second important trend of the upcoming season for flapper hats for women. The essence of it in a new approach to the classics. At the recent past, you could see, for example, a classic panama-bucket made in patchwork style, or a French beret, bound from a stiff string.

The flapper hats for women of different colors and styles, lavishly decorated with beads, rhinestones, colored ribbons are another trend this summer.